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Louisburg College Celebrates 230 Years

January 6, 2017

On Jan. 6, 1787, a bill to "erect and establish an academy in the County of Franklin" was enacted, chartering the school now known as Louisburg College.

The college was born before the moons of Uranus were discovered, before the University of Pittsburgh was established, before framers decided to call this country the United States.

Venerable Louisburg College came before the Constitutional Convention of 1787. It's even older than the University of North Carolina!

This year, we'll be celebrating the college's history, its legacy as the oldest private, two-year college in the nation, and its path forward.

In the first commencement address, trustee John Haywood told graduates: "You are to be the conductors by which the sacred flame of liberty and of science is to be transmitted to succeeding generations.”

Happy birthday, Louisburg College! Long may you light the flame.

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