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Robin Faulkner, M.Ed., M.S.A
Director, Learning Partners and Accessibility Services
(919) 497-3302
Robin Faulkner coaches students on organization, time management, and test taking skills, guides students in college and career decisions, provides educational resources, and offers support to students and families.


Kris Capps
Administrative Assistant
(919) 497-3236
Kris Capps provides administrative support allowing the Learning Partners office to run smoothly and efficiently. She manages day-to-day responsibilities including scheduling, coordinating, and proctoring tests for Learning Partners students.


Danielle Dietz, M.Ed.
Learning Specialist
(919) 497-3299
Danielle Dietz has experience working with a diverse population of students with unique learning differences, including autism and ADHD. Recognized with awards for her excellence in teaching, her skills and passion extend beyond the classroom as she is also a Special Olympics Athletics Coach for Franklin County.


Nancy Price, M.Ed.
Learning Specialist
(919) 497-3299
Nancy Price has experience working as an academic advisor, helping students plan for their futures, whether that be college or the workforce. She also taught study skills and provided support in the areas of academics and test prep.
Kaye Yudusky, Ph.D.
Learning Specialist
(919) 497-3335
Kaye Yudusky focuses on identifying each student's unique set of strengths in order to offer strategies that can help further develop their personal, academic, social, and learning skills as they work toward their academic and career goals.
Cherry Ayscue, M.Ed.
Part-Time Learning Specialist
(919) 497-3398
Cherry Ayscue's experience includes coordination and implementation of guidance curriculum, assisting students in individual planning to meet personal and career goals, providing responsive services to meet student needs through individual and group counseling, consultation with parents and educators, and collaboration and referrals.