Mentoring at Louisburg College
Horizons is a program that formally connects interested students with a faculty or staff mentor. What is a mentor? A mentor is someone who is there to listen, discuss what is happening in your life (academic, professional, and personal), and help guide you in your decisions. They use their own experience to help you see the opportunities and concerns you might face. A mentoring relationship is one that can last a lifetime.
Why should I have a mentor?
Even though many of us feel we should be able to do things on our own, we are stronger when we have guidance and help. It is beneficial for us to seek out support and advice from others when facing new challenges and opportunities. We don't have to "reinvent the wheel," especially when a mentor may have already been through a similar situation. Additionally, we know that a college student who has a deeper connection with a faculty or staff member is more likely to succeed in college! A mentoring relationship can help you now and in the future.
What is expected of me?
You and your mentor will meet at least four times each semester and for at least 15 minutes (you can meet longer and more often, if you both agree). The expectation is that you will take full advantage of this relationship and put in as much effort as you would like to gain from it. It is expected that you will clearly and respectfully communicate with your mentor throughout the semester (i.e., show up on time to scheduled meetings, let them know if you can't make it ahead of time, fully participate in the meetings). You should recognize that your mentor is volunteering his/her time to meet with you because they value you and the relationship.
How can I get a mentor?
To request a list of available mentors and to be guided through the application process, please contact:
Brian Gano
Director of Student Advocacy & Accountability