Safety Tips

See Something Say Something
If you hear or see something that causes you concern about the well-being or safety of a Louisburg College student, or any other person affecting the Louisburg College community and are unsure about how to intervene or address the situation, you should report it to the Campus Safety if danger is imminent or is occurring.
The anonymous reporting form is a mechanism by which any member of the campus community can anonymously report criminal behavior and serious policy violations happening on or around campus. 
LC Alerts
LC Alerts is designed to quickly provide important information to all members of the Louisburg College community. It utilizes both campus e-mail and personal cell phones to distribute emergency notifications in a timely manner. Community members may also opt-in to receive up-to-date school information such as news, sports, special event notices, and more.
Students, faculty and staff must log into their secure campus portal (My LC or Faculty portal). On the toolbar at the left of the screen is a link to the college's alert system. To create an account, simply click on the User Sign-up link and follow the instructions. Creating an account generally takes less than five minutes. Thereafter, you may also log-in to your account by clicking the User Login link located on the portal.
All users who have an active account will receive emergency alerts and ONLY emergency alerts. Users wishing to receive other announcements and updates must log-in to their account and opt-in by checking the updates they desire. To opt-out, simply uncheck the updates you no longer desire.
Additional Safety Tips
  • Be aware of your surroundings
  • Walk with a partner in well lit areas at night
  • Do not prop doors open or leave rooms unlocked
  • Place your belongings in a secure area to avoid crimes of opportunity