2020-2021 Academic Calendar

Fall Semester 2020  

Aug 7 Football team arrives (Friday)
Aug 10-14 Faculty Professional Development (Monday-Friday)
Aug 11 Fall Athletes Arrive (Tuesday)
Aug 14 Learning Partners arrive (Friday)
Aug 16 New student check in (Sunday)
Aug 17 Hurricane Prep Day (Monday)
Aug 18 Returning Students check-in (Tuesday)
Aug 19 Classes Start, Drop-Add begins (Wednesday)
Aug 25 Convocation (Tuesday)
Aug 27 Drop/Add ends (Thursday)
Sept 7 Labor Day - No classes (Monday)
Sept 11 Quarter Grades Due (Friday)
Oct 12-13 Fall Break (Monday-Tuesday)
Oct 13 Midterm Grades Due (Tuesday)
Oct 14 Classes Resume (Wednesday)
Oct 16  Pre-registration (Priority) - (Friday)
Oct 23 Pre-registration (All Students) - (Friday)
Oct 27 Students must be enrolled through this date to receive no financial aid reduction (Tuesday)
Nov 2 Last day to submit Fall Graduation application (Monday)
Nov 24 No classes  After 5pm (Tuesday)
Nov 25-27 Thanksgiving Break (Wednesday-Friday)
Nov 29 Residence Halls Open at 3pm (Sunday)
Nov 30 Classes Resume (Monday)
Dec 9 Last day of instruction (Wednesday)
Dec 10 Reading Day (Thursday)
Dec 11 EXAMS (Friday)
Dec 14 EXAMS (Monday)
Dec 15 EXAMS  -  Residence Halls close at 5pm (Tuesday)
Dec18 Final Grades Due (Friday)

Spring Semester 2021

Jan 8 Faculty Professional Development (Friday)
Jan 11 New Students arrive (Monday)
Jan 12 New Student Orientation/Check in (Tuesday)
Jan 13 Classes Begin - Drop/Add begins (Wednesday)
Jan 18 MLK holiday - No classes (Monday)
Jan 20 Drop/Add ends - 5pm (Wednesday)
Jan 29 Last day for Spring Graduation applications (Friday)
Feb 5 Quarter Grades due (Friday)
Mar 5 Spring Break begins after last class (Friday)
Mar 8 Mid Term Grades due (Monday)
Mar 8-12 Spring Break (Monday-Friday)
Mar 14 Residence Halls Open at 3:00pm (Sunday)
Mar 15 Classes Resume (Monday)
Mar 19 Pre-Registration (Priority) - (Friday)
Mar 23 Students must be enrolled through this date to receive no financial aid reduction (Tuesday)
Mar 25 Last day to initiate a withdrawal from course by 5pm (Thursday)
Mar 26 Pre-Registration (all students) -(Friday)
Apr 2 Good Friday no class
Apr 20 Awards Day (Tuesday)
May 6 Last day of classes (Thursday)
May 7 Reading Day (Friday)
May 10-12 Final Exams (Monday-Wednesday)
May 13 Final Grades are due for Graduates (Thursday)
May 14 Baccalaureate (Friday)
May 15 Commencement (Saturday)
May 18 Final grades due for non-graduates (Tuesday)
May 18 Faculty Professional Development Day (Tuesday)

Summer Semester 2021

June 16 Student check in (Wednesday)
June 17 Classes begin; Drop/Add begins 8:30am, ends at 5:00pm (Thursday)
July 5 No classes (Monday)
July 6 Classes resume (Tuesday)
July 6 Last day permitted to initiate withdraw from courses by 5pm (Tuesday)
July 15 Last day of classes (Thursday)
July 16 Final exams (Friday)
July 20 Final grades due 10am (Tuesday)

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