Board of Trustees

2020-2021 Officers of the Board

  Chair  |   Dr. Steven E. Brooks
  Vice Chair   |   Mr. D. Tadley DeBerry  '85, P'16, P'18
  Secretary   |   Mrs. Lynda C. Lumpkin


2020-2021 Board of Trustees

Ms. Lucy Taylor Allen '63

Mr. Bill Boddie, Jr.  '04

Mrs. Anne D. Bowen

Dr. Steven E. Brooks

Mr. W. Britt Cobb, Jr.  '69

Mrs. Marla Gupton Coleman  '62

Mr. William R. Cross  '71

Mr. D. Tadley DeBerry  '85, P'16, P'18

Mr. Sidney  E. Dunston

Ms. Emily Hodges

Ms. Lynda W. Hudson  '68


Ms. Linda Johnson  P'16

Mr. Charles Knight  '87, P'14, P'19

Mrs. Lynda C. Lumpkin

Mr. William Norris  '82

Dr.  Bobbie Richardson

Mr. Franklin T. Roberts  P'17

Mr. William C. Shelton  '69

Mr. C. Boyd Sturges, III  

Mr. Ward Sylvester '83     

Bishop Hope Morgan Ward  (Honorary Trustee)     

                    P - Parents of Alumni

Ex-Officio Trustees

  Louisburg College President  |  Dr. Gary Brown

  Louisburg College SGA President   |   (to be elected)

  Louisburg College Alumni Association President   |   Ms. Samantha Bray  '10

  Capital District Superintendent, NC United Methodist Conference   |   Reverend Gray Southern


Executive Committee

Dr. Steven E. Brooks, Chair 

Dr. Gary Brown

Mr. William R. Cross

Mr. D. Tadley DeBerry

Ms. Emily Hodges

Ms. Linda Johnson


Mrs. Lynda C. Lumpkin       

Mr. William Norris   

Mr. Franklin T. Roberts (At-large) 

Dr.  Bobbie Richardson (At-large)

Mr. C. Boyd Sturges, III (At-large)


Governance Committee

Mr. D. Tadley DeBerry, Chair 

Mr. Bill Boddie, Jr. 

Mrs. Anne D. Bowen  


Mr. W. Britt Cobb Jr.

Mrs. Marla Gupton Coleman  

Ms. Lynda W. Hudson        


Audit and Risk Management                                        

Ms. Linda Johnson, Chair                                 Mr. Franklin T. Roberts 

Mr. D. Tadley DeBerry


Advancement Committee

Mr. William R. Cross, Chair 

Mr. Bill Boddie, Jr.

Mrs. Anne D. Bowen

Ms. Lynda W. Hudson

Mr. Charles Knight 

Mr. William C. Shelton

Ms. Samantha Bray, President of the Alumni Association


 Finance Committee

Mr. William Norris, Chair

Mrs. Anne D. Bowen

Mr. Sidney E. Dunston

Mr. Charles Knight

Mr. William C. Shelton

Mr. Ward Sylvester                                              


Investment Committee

Ms. Emily Hodges, Chair

Mrs. Anne D. Bowen

Mr. D. Tadley DeBerry

Mr. Ward Sylvester



Learning Enterprise Committee

Mrs. Lynda C. Lumpkin, Chair

Mrs. Marla Gupton Coleman

Mr. Russell Odom

Dr. Bobbie Richardson

Mr. Franklin T. Roberts

Rev. Gray Southern, Capital District Superintendent

Admissions and Retention Subcommitte                         

Dr. Steven E. Brooks, Chair                                                                                                 


Strategic Planning Review Committee

  Mr. William R. Cross, Co-chair                    Dr. Steven E. Brooks, Co-chair


Building and Grounds Ad Hoc Committee

  Mr. D. Tadley DeBerry, Chair                        Mr. C. Boyd Sturges, III

  Ms. Lucy Taylor Allen 


Administration & Faculty Representatives:



Administrator  |   Vacant

Faculty  |  Mr. William Hinton

Staff  |  Mrs. Jamie Patrick


Administrator  |   Mrs. Anna Faatiliga, CFO

Faculty  |  Mr. Brian Sanders

Staff  |  Vacant                                     

Learning Enterprise

Administrator  |   Dr. Kelvin Spragley,  Interim Vice President of Academic Life

Administrator  |  Mrs. Stephanie Tolbert,  Senior Vice President of Enrollment and Student Life    

Administrator  |   Mr. Mike Holloman, Director of Athletics

Faculty  |  Ms. Taari Coleman, 2020-2021 Faculty Senate Chair

Chaplain  |  Mr. Mike Safley

Staff |  Mrs. Robin Wright, Director of Learning Partners

Staff  |  Mr. Ed Sledge, Director of IT

Staff  |  Mrs. Carla Washington, Registrar




                    Admissions and Retention Subcommittee

       Administrator  |  Mrs. Stephanie Tolbert, Dr. Kelvin Spragley and Mrs. Anna Faatiliga
       Faculty  |  Ms. Sherelle Ducksworth (alternate Ms. Tampathia Evans)

Building and Grounds Ad Hoc Committee

  Staff  |  Mr. Nathan Biegenzahn