Learning Partners

What is Learning Partners?

At Louisburg College, we recognize that students with learning differences can benefit from specialized instruction, individualized coaching, and specific accommodations as they transition to the academic demands of college. To meet this need we have developed a unique program that addresses the individual learning needs of these students. Louisburg College's Learning Partners Program offers a comprehensive, research-based approach to serving college students that few other colleges in the southeast offer.

Learning Partners is a fee-based academic coaching program that provides an effective foundation for students with learning differences, attention difficulty, hyperactivity, and impulsiveness. Professional learning specialists assist students to gain a more refined understanding of their learning needs and strengths. They also help students to develop learning strategies and study methods that will lead to academic and professional achievement. 

Our mission is to provide students the individualized support they need to develop their learning skills, realize their academic goals, and work toward becoming successful, independent learners. The unique structure of Learning Partners helps students who learn differently to realize their full potential, to earn an associate's degree in the arts or sciences, and to prepare them for the four-year university experience or a professional career.

Program Benefits

  • Learn to self-advocate
  • Attend interactive academic coaching sessions
  • Develop individualized learning skills and strategies
  • Realize educational and/or career objectives
  • Gain opportunities for social engagement and personal development
  • Utilize learning labs with assistive technology
  • Receive assistance in transitioning to the college or career of your choice


Parent Testimonies

I firmly believe that our Learning Partners Program is a game-changer. It allows students to work with a mentor and advocate who understands the struggles of students with learning differences.

Charles Knight '87
Louisburg College Trustee

Learning Partners provided the structure and guidance to assist my son to form study habits that adapted to his learning style, not the other way around. This program was the perfect blend of adaptability and advice my son needed to help him become the successful student he is today.

Sharon Bryson
Louisburg College Trustee