Cost to Attend

Tuition & Fees 2022-2023

Direct Costs

Direct costs include books, workbooks, and computer passcodes. To view the full Cost to Attend for all enrollment types (on-campus, off-campus and commuter) click here

Fall/Spring Year Semester


$1136.67/per credit hour

$18,980 $9,490
Fees $2,900 $1,450
Room $6,990 $3,495
Board $5,230 $2,615
Total Resident $34,100 $17,050
Total Commuter $21,880 $10,940


Additional Fall/Spring Costs Include (optional):

  • Learning Partners Program Fee: $4000/Semester or $8000/Year
  • Single Room Assignment Additional Fee: $750/Semester or $1500/Year
Summer Session Cost 
Tuition/Credit Hour $350
Tuition 6 Credits $2,100
Fees $300
Room $550
Board $550
Total $3,500


Additional Summer Session Costs Include (optional):

  • Learning Partners Program Fee: $400/Summer Session

**Semester fees support a variety of student activities and services including: student insurance, technical support, Student Government Association (SGA) fees and sponsored events, publications, and various other fees (such as lab fees).