Louisburg College Health & Wellness provides links to other websites for additional information and education relating to health.  This content is reviewed periodically and is subject to change as new health information becomes available.  This information is intended primarily to inform and educate.  GO HURRICANES! 

Online Self-Assessment Resources

Self-assessments and screening tools are not a substitute for actual professional advice. These tools do NOT provide a diagnosis. Neither Louisburg College nor the suppliers of the self-assessments accept any responsibility for decisions made based upon the use of these tools, nor for the accuracy of information provided by the web sites. Furthermore, such information is not a substitute for appropriate medical or mental health treatment.

These free tests all range from self-diagnostic psychiatric screening tests to academic research projects gathering data online. Other tests are enticements to pay for further services (books or web site memberships) and some are labeled "for entertainment only." Listed on this page are the free online tests. Each includes feedback about how to interpret results. No personal data is recorded by these sites unless otherwise indicated.

Required Basic Immunizations

North Carolina Statute G.S. 130A-155.1 states the following:  "No person shall attend a college or university, whether public, private, or religious, unless a certificate of immunization or a record of immunization from a high school located in North Carolina indicating that the person has received immunizations required by G.S. 130A-152 is presented to the college or university.  For out-of-state students, a Certificate of Immunization or high school immunization record indicating that the person has received immunizations is required to attend a college or university in North Carolina."   For a complete list of the required immunizations, please go here. 


Louisburg College provides a student accident insurance plan that is a supplemental plan to the student's family health policies.  The cost of this insurance plan is included in the student's fees and cannot be waived.  Information and claim forms may also be found here.