Business & Social Sciences

Business division's aim is to prepare our students to compete in the business world. Our program provides a variety of business classes, from introductory-level courses to advanced business concepts. Business may be your degree program, or you may just see the usefulness of taking a class in the Business deparment to prepare yourself to compete in your chosen career. Either way, this division aims to help you attain the right knowledge to be successful in the business world.
Social Sciences
Social Sciences at Louisburg College include classes in history, economics, psychology, and sociology. You will find us on the third floor of the Taft building ready to bring you a wide variety of interesting and useful class subjects concerning society, relationship dynamics within societies, and how they have shaped the world and the culture we live in today.

Faculty for Business & Social Sciences

Dr. Kelvin Spragley - Divison Chair
  • A.A., Arts in History, Chowan University
  • B.S., Education and Social Sciences Education, East Carolina University
  • M.Ed., Social Sciences and History Education, North Carolina State University
  • Ph.D., Education and Social Sciences/HistoryNorth Carolina State University
  • Completing SPSS Certification with a focus on analytics
  • Married to Tracey L. Spragley for 25 years. Tracey is an elementary school teacher, completing her 24th year in the classroom. Two Children: Kelsey Spragley, 23, who has a B.S. in Bilogy and is completing her MS in Biology from East Carolina University; Kelvin L. Spragley, Jr., 16, who is a high school junior, with a keen interest in computer coding. He also enjoys Tae Kwon Do.
  • Gardening, Reading, Spending Time with My Family, Long Distance Running, Martial Arts (Shiseru Karate).
  • Research Interests: Issues outside of the public school classroom that impact student learning in the classroom, the role and impact of education advocacy groups, the role and impact of American History on current America; the role of race and poverty in America's public schools.
  • U.S. Army (1986-1989); Public School Teacher (1993-1999); Associate Executive Director for the North Carolina Association of Educators (1999-2010); Owner of the Spragley Group, LLC (2010- Present); Associate Professor, Louisburg College (2012-Present).
Scott Benrube - 
Assistant Professor of Business
  • Marketing, University of South Florida
  • Ed. Business and Marketing Education, North Carolina State University
  • My wife Nancy and 3 children, 1 dog, and a grandson.
Personal Interests
  • Staying fit.
Professional Academic interests
  • Reading business articles.
Previous professional experience
  • 13 years as the owner of a women's clothing manufacturing company.
  • 3 years as owner of restaurant.
Gail Brown - 
Instructor of Business
  • M.T.X., Masters Degree in Taxation, Florida Atlantic University
  • B.B.A., Accounting, Florida State University
  • Florida CPA and Certified Financial Planner
  • I have two daughters with one granddaughter and one grandson. I am blessed.
  • I love reading, gardening, horses, music, and my dog Tessa.
  • Researching accounting procedures around the world.
  • Teaching young people the language of business.
  • Schmidt, Raines, Trieste, Dickenson and Adams CPAs 1994 to 1997 CPA First National In Palm Beach
  • First Union's Private Bank 1997 to 2007, Trust Officer and Vice President.
  • Vance-Granville Community College, 2007 to 2014.
  • Instructor of Business, Louisburg College, 2010 to Present, Business Instructor
Ellen Divens - 
Emerging Technologies Instructor
  • M.S,. Communications and Information Management, Baypath College, Longmeadow, MA. 
  • M.S., Adult Education, Buffalo State University, Buffalo, NY.  
  • Intensive Language Training Program, International House, Madrid, Spain.
  • B.S., Organizational Management, Roberts Wesleyan College, Rochester, NY. 
  • A.S., Information Technology, Directors Award for Student of the Year, 2002, Bryant & Stratton College, Tonawanda, NY. 
  • I'm married, with two grown daughters and two handsome grandsons. Lived in North Carolina since 2012 and just love it here!
Personal Interests
  • I love auctions! I also like to scuba dive. I'm certified/licensed in both of these activities.  I have also owned horses and just love the great outdoors.  Right now, I am enjoying "Lake Life" and often stand in awe of God's beauty in North Carolina.
Professional Academic interests
  • My students are my professional interest. I love to know how I can help them and how I can be a better teacher. I take great pride in watching them move along in their academic journey.
  • Worked for Kodak for 25 years in the Information Technology department, then at an Online College as an instructor.
Sherelle Ducksworth - 
Sociology Instructor
  • A.A., General Education, Coahoma Community College  
  • B.A., Sociology, Mississippi Valley State University 
  • M.S., Sociology, Mississippi State University 
  • Working on a M.A. in Theology
  • I am married to Aaron Ducksworth.
Personal Interests
  • My personal interests include: discussing and researching social and theological topics, playing word games, and teaching the Bible.
 Professional Academic interests
  • Studying the intersection of race, gender, social class in social institutions.
  • Reading and studying historical, biblical, and systematic theology.
  • Studying the intersection of race and Christianity in America.
  • Obtaining a PhD. in Theological Studies.
  • I am from Clarksdale, MS.
  • I worked as an adjunct sociology instructor both residential and online at East Mississippi Community College in Scooba, MS and Holmes Community College in Goodman, MS.
Caitlin Frederick - 
History & Education Instructor
  • B.A., History, University of South Carolina 
  • M.A., History, Brooklyn College
  • M.A.,Teaching, University of Southern California 
  • Husband - Brett
  • Golden Retriever - Cole
Personal Interests
  • Spending time with friends and family.
  • Taking my dog to Falls Lake.
  • Hiking, working out, and anything outdoors.
Professional Academic interests
  • Reading historical fiction and non-fiction.
  • Following educational issues
  • Always trying to think of new ideas and recreate lessons to better teach the subjects I love.
  • Head Volleyball Coach at Franklinton High School - 2012-2014.
  • Head Volleyball Coach and Part-time Faculty - Louisburg College - 2014-2016.
Dr. Jon Jackson - 
Instructor of Political Science 
  • Ph.D., Political Science, The University of Nebraska-Lincoln 
  • M.A., Political Management, The George Washington University 
  • B.S., Political Science, Appalachian State University
  •    Married with three children.
Personal Interests
  • I enjoy taking the kids out to any events or cool places. On Saturdays, you will find me either learning about history (AKA: old stuff and dead guys), hiking, camping, or occasionally, having a few beers with friends.
Professional Academic interests
  • As an (almost) completely recovered former political hack, I have an all-consuming interest in voting behavior. What causes people to vote the way that they do? How do laws and institutions influence vote choice? How does political talk and other social influences affect voting behavior? How do we determine which information we can use to help us vote correctly?  In addition to teaching at Louisburg College, I am the Elections Policy Fellow at the Civitas Institute in Raleigh.
  • 2013-2018: Graduate Assistant and Instructor, University of Nebraska-Lincoln
  • 2011-2013: Adjunct Instructor (clients included High Point University, The University of Mount Olive, and North Carolina Wesleyan College)
  • 2000-2010: ESL and Political Science Instructor, University (Korea)
  • 2007-2010: Columnist, The Korea Times
  • 1995-96, 2012: Political Consultant (various campaigns)
Dr. Sangsoon Koh - 
Assistant Professor of Business
  • M.S., Engineering, Wayne State University
  • M.S.A., Administration, Central Michigan University
  • Ph.D., International Business, Columbus University
  • Personal Finance and MOS Certificate
  • I have been living in Youngsville since 2010.
  • I have two lovely granddaughters, Katie (4) and Joey (2), who live in Fairfax, VA.
  • My son Richard is periodontics, and his wife Jenny is pediatric dentist.
  • My areas of personal interest are fitness & wellness, investment, and finance.
  • I enjoy reading and studying history.
  • My goal is to found a non-profit organization to support less fortunate children. 
  • Academic interest is to keep up with digital literacy.
  • I will continuously publish a training manual for PED 125/126 Martial Arts classes.
  • Possibly build a workbook for computer technology and Office 365.
  • Had various work experiences in quality, warranty, data analysis, finance, marketing, and customer accounts.
  • Worked for Big 3 (Chrysler, GM, Detroit Diesel) for 28 yrs in Quality Engineering and International Operations in Asia.
  Sebastian O'Neil   
  • M.S., Psychology, University of Louisiana 
  • B.A., Psychology, Nicholls State University 
  • Walking/ playing with my dog Hayley
  • Studying the different therapeutic techniques, legal issues in psychology, and understanding the different career paths a student with a psychology degree can take.
  • Teaching Assistant at the University of Florida - 2017/18.
Brian Sanders - 
Division Executive Director


  • B.A., Business Administration, Campbell University
  • M.A., Business Administration, Campbell University
  • Graduate Marketing Certificate, East Carolina University
  • Married for six years to my wife Bethany, no kids yet, just a cat named Parker.
Personal Interests
  • Reading, kayaking, a good Netflix binge, and playing and watching a wide variety of sports.
 Professional Academic interests
  • Following and trading on the stock market, and reading economic articles and biographies of entrepreneurs.
  • Before I started teaching, I spent two years working for the Fidelity Bank in Raleigh. I also spent a year working in the Marketing Department of the Dillon Supply Company in Raleigh, before accepting a full-time teaching position here at the college.