Science Center

Located on 1st Floor Franklin
No appointments necessary
Mission Statement
The Science Department at Louisburg College is dedicated to providing assistance to students in the sciences outside of the classroom and beyond regular office hours. In support of this, The Science Center was created and has been in operation for over five years.
Science Center Goals
  • To provide a positive, caring, supportive, and encouraging academic environment for student learning
  • To provide assistance to students who are having difficulty with assigned material or activities

The Science Center is run by the faculty of the Science Department for all students enrolled in a lab science course as well as those with an interest in the sciences. Textbooks and other reference materials are available for student use; conference tables in the various classrooms foster small-group or one-on-one tutoring sessions.
During the first weeks of each semester the faculty provide students with information about the days the different disciplines will be represented in The Science Center and encourage all students to drop in whenever they have questions or concerns about the material presented in class. Signs are also posted around campus, including on the doors to Franklin Hall and beside each of The Science Center classrooms, with information about days and hours of operation.