LC Alerts

Campus Life

Louisburg College designed LC Alerts to provide all community members important information quickly. It utilizes both campus email and personal cell phones to distribute timely emergency notifications. Community members may also opt-in to receive up-to-date school information such as news, sports, special event notices, and more.

Students, faculty, and staff must log in to their secure campus portal -My LC or Faculty portal. On the toolbar at the left of the screen is a link to the college's alert system. To create an account, simply click on the User Sign-up link and follow the instructions. Creating this network generally takes less than five minutes. You may also log into your account by clicking the User Login link located on the portal.

All users who have an active account will receive emergency alerts and ONLY emergency alerts. Users wishing to receive other announcements and updates must log in to their account and opt-in by checking their desired updates. To opt-out, simply un-check the updates you no longer want.

 To go to the Louisburg College LC Alerts Portal Link, click here.