Campus Life


Campus Liaison Program

The Campus Safety Liaison Program at Louisburg College is designed to partner a safety officer or safety officers with a specific community within Louisburg College to achieve:
  • A designated contact officer to allow easy communication
  • A feeling of familiarity and comfort
  • Collaboration on community educational programs
  • Collaboration on identifying and addressing issues
  • Collaboration with Residence Life and Campus Safety Cross Training Opportunities
This initiative was developed in the spirit of supporting the mission and core values of Campus Safely, Residence Life and Louisburg College as a whole. The program is both flexible and informal. All meetings between each area and liaison will take place at the discretion of the group and officer.

Operation I.D.
Operation I.D. is a program setup by the Louisburg College Campus Safety Department to help protect our student's property. The model and serial number of your devices (such as laptops and IPads) that you submit onto the Operation I.D. database will be accessible to Campus Safety at all times. That means that if your device is stolen, Campus Safety can immediately get the serial numbers and enter them into the national database. Quick access to this information means that there is a better chance of recovering your property. Registration Form. 

Escort Services

Louisburg College Campus Safety offers safe passage to your vehicle or residence hall from dusk to dawn. You may request a safety escort by dialing (919) 497-3400.

Vehicle Locks and Unlocks
The Louisburg College Campus Safety Department offers vehicle unlocks and vehicle jump-starts should the need arise 24/7 and at no cost. To request a vehicle unlock or jump-start, call (919) 497-3400. Or, community members can make this request in person at our office located in 100 Davis Hall. We are open 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.