Community Churches


Louisburg College students are strongly encouraged to worship at a local church of their choice on Sundays. Louisburg is a charming, small town in the North Carolina piedmont heart full of historic and active churches that welcome LC students every Sunday to their faith communities.  The Capital City of Raleigh is an easy drive from campus and offers many church communities for our students to explore throughout their time matriculating at Louisburg. The Spiritual Life Team can help students choose from dozens of churches in the area.

Louisburg United Methodist Church
(919) 496-3736

Louisburg Baptist Church
(919) 496-4195 

Grace Baptist Church
(919) 496-2085 

St. Paul’s Episcopal Church
(919) 496-4180 

South Main Baptist Church

(919) 496-2362 

St. Paul Presbyterian Church

(919) 632-6495

First Baptist Church

(919) 496-4791

Our Lady of the Rosary Catholic Church

(919) 340-0556

Faith Missionary Baptist Church

(919) 496-1330

Shady Grove Missionary Baptist Church

(919) 496-3025

Maple Springs Baptist Church

(919) 496-5521