Dual Enrollment

Louisburg College, in cooperation with local high schools, offers dual enrollment for students who have completed their junior year of high school. The college designed this program for students who, in the opinion of their high school principal or counselor, have the aptitude and maturity to succeed while being concurrently enrolled in high school and college.

Students considering applying for this program should take the SAT or ACT during their junior year in high school.

Students planning to enroll during the summer term immediately following completion of their junior year should submit a transcript showing work completed through the first semester of their junior year. Then at the end of the term students should submit a supplementary transcript showing the balance of their high school course work.

The Admissions Department considers applications on an individual basis and a personal interview may be required. Students may obtain application materials and additional information from their high school counselor or Louisburg College Office of Admissions.

For specific requirements for admission see below.

Applicants to this program must: 

  • Follow the same procedures as freshmen applicants.
  • Have a 3.00 average on academic work completed through their junior year.
  • Be recommended by their high school principal or counselor*.
  • Achieve a combined verbal and quantitative score of 950 with a verbal score of not less than 480 and eligibility for college-level mathematics courses on the SAT or composite score of 19 on the ACT.
  • Secure written parental/guardian consent to participate in the program.
  • Be on track to complete the college preparatory curriculum as outlined earlier in the admissions requirements.

* The principal or counselor recommending the student should submit appropriate course recommendations and a copy of the student’s high school transcript to the Office of Admissions.

The College grants full credit for college-level courses completed under these programs but high school officials may or may not accept the credits to meet graduation requirements. Students should consult with their principal and/or counselor to determine the courses that satisfy those requirements.