Transfer Applicants

An applicant who wishes to transfer from another college/university must:

  •  Meet Louisburg College's general admissions requirements -- review here
  •  Provide official transcripts from all high schools and colleges/universities previously attended
  •  Be eligible to return to the college/university from which transfer is sought
  •  Provide a Dean's Evaluation from each college/university attended
Up to 32 semester hours of transfer or examination credit can be granted toward a Louisburg College degree. Credits will be accepted only for classes in which a grade of "C" or higher was received from regionally accredited institutions. The final decision on the acceptability of such credit is reserved by Louisburg College.
For additional information concerning the transfer of academic credit, students may obtain a copy of Standards and Procedures for Transfer of Academic Credit from the Registrar's Office.
Transfer credit for CLEP, advanced placement, and/or DANTES will be evaluated according to the College's established policies if such credit appears on official transcripts as credit previously earned.